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Galactic Community Council


Alliances have been formed throughout history for various reasons. Sometimes they are for economic prosperity, sometimes they are for military superiority, or sometimes hey are merely for defense. The Galactic Community Council was formed in the mutual defense of a handful of spacefaring powers, but now to this day, ahs grown into something more. Since it’s the founding, many races have joined and power has shifted away from some of the older races, forming new blocs.

It all began in 1515 AD (Human Calendar) when the Garoga Empire sent a massive fleet equipped with ground forces into Kilaak space. They first slammed into the Truth Seer faction’s domain. Because of the quick, surprise assault, many Kilaaks died, however the Truth Seers being fanatics did hinder the Garoga forces, but not much. Then the major force of the Kilaak Supreme Collection joined in the fray, however as they sped toward the afflicted systems, Garoga forces streamed past them and attacked deeper into Kilaak space and spread into other areas like a swarm of voracious locusts. The imperious and pompous Kilaaks had never encountered a force so powerful, it mostly their sheer number and violence that was outpacing Kilaak technological superiority. Then the Kilaaks did something, themselves found unthinkable-they went to others for help.

The Kilaaks went to their old foes the Xiliens and asked for help and claimed the Garoga were a threat to all civilized life. The Xiliens were skeptical of this. It could be a Kilaak trap, so they sent observers to the Kilaak frontlines to give reports on the conflict and sent a diplomat to meet with the Garoga. Witnessing first hand and the Garoga’s refusal to speak with the diplomat forced the decision of war onto the Xilien leadership and the Xiliens sent their fleets into the conflict.

The Federal Steallar Union of the fledgling Daggra race was approached by the desperate Kilaaks. The Kilaaks viewed these upstarts as inferior, but desperation drove them to his necessity. The Daggra had no idea what to make of this and were very reserved about the proposed alliance until a commercial mining ship was attacked by an encroaching Garoga scout ship. The Daggra were spurned into the conflict by this event and they too sent their fleet into combat, joining the Xilien in the aid of the Kilaaks by the vicious Garoga.

Two other factions the Kilaaks talked to were the Economic Union of the Nebulans and their partners the Stone. The EU was excited to join an alliance, despite saving the socialist Kilaaks, they wished to show their power and prove to the rest of the known galaxy that they were a rising force. The Marius however, gave the Kilaaks the cold shoulder and said that was going on was part of the planned order of the universe.

The four powers formed their alliance and had a various number of shifting HQ’s. They called themselves the Galactic Forces Treaty originally to pay homage to the treaty that united them, however it changed to the Galactic Community Council since they planned on having a longer relationship after the war. The combined fleets smashed into the Garoga offensive and shattered its driving force. Other, smaller incursions were stemmed as well, while GCC forces arrived on conquered worlds and secured them, forcing even more Garoga troops back. Then the GCC forces did seize a few Garoga territory chunks (a solar system and a rogue planet that they used as a massive factory) and forced them to surrender.

Post war, the GCC planned to revise themselves as a way of maintaining peace between the powers, for trade, and to protect themselves against the Garoga threat. The GCC became based on the second planet from the star Delta Doradus in a neutral area that would become its own area of authority. Each power sent a representative to the Council and two minor representatives, but the Kilaaks still remained a major power. Treaties would be draw up to prevent the powers from interfering with primitive cultures and not damaging their way of life or enslaving them.

Many years passed and the GCC seemed to grow more irrelevant with the Kilaaks’ massive power, until the Daggra arrived in the Skat (Delta Aquarii) system and met the Gadaru. The Gadaru, lived as slaves of the Kilaaks once before, were courted as new GCC members to begin to shift power from the Kilaaks in about 1890. The Gadaru were civilized enough to be considered by the Federal Stellar Union to be helped. Eventually in 1913, the three powers, minus the Kilaaks, voted for the Gadaru Cosmic Confederacy to join the GCC. Power was slowly shifting from the Kilaaks and soon a High Consul was elected that was a Nebulan (the fourth non-Kilaak High Consul ever) that began various reforms in how trade would be done amongst the GCC members, allowing more free trade. The new High Consul tried to get the Marius to join and they issued a statement claiming the GCC was of alien impurities, but however, a delegate would arrive every twenty years to work out certain deals and return promptly to their home world. They were merely interested in having a hands off relationship with the GCC, and not ever considering membership.

Soon after this, The Kushan Imperium was met by Economic Union trade ships and soon a trade relationship was formed. In 1987, the EU petitioned the Kushan for membership, but were turned down for their brutality and “backwardness”. This inspired the Kushan to strengthen their forces and eventually in 2011 the Kushan invaded a Gadaru controlled territory. The war lasted six years and the Kushan won. The GCC did not intervene since the Kushan were not a “threat to the whole” of the GCC and the system fell under Kushan control without much resistance afterward.

Around the time the Karin were discovered by the Truth Seers faction of the Kilaaks and were battered and had their population, but because of one Daggra hacker the Banrae Incident occurs. Information gets posted on the Net-Grid Interface and news of the Karin and their solar system becomes common knowledge.  With this a massive scandal erupts about
the Supreme Collective’s withholding of pertinent knowledge of the Karin race.  The Gadaru and the Daggra formed in 2061 a mission to go into the outer reaches of known space to the Pi Sagittarii system.  When this collation fleet arrived the Karin struck first and destroyed several ships.  When a  Daggra destroyer disabled one Karin battleship the crew boarded the ship and found out the Karin were terrified of xeno civilizations because of the Kilaak invasion and it turned out that several warships from the Kushan Imperium had attacked earlier. There had been a Kushan incursion, but the Gadaru and Daggra joined forces with the Karin and forced the Kushan away. The Karin were offered GCC membership about 2075, but declined, because they were on their own personal expansive growth.  By 2093, the Karin had colonized all three mini solar systems in their triple star system and had established colonies in two other systems. Meanwhile the GCC had established GCC controlled colonies in three solar systems that separated their space and Karin space. The Horde of Akelon would finally gain their membership in 2104.

The Daggra’s Federal Stellar Federation, the Karin’s Horde of Akelon, and the Gadaru’s Cosmic Confederacy were loosely aligned while the Kushan Imperium used mercenaries, guerillas, and pirates to wage a shadow war against them and not be brought in by GCC’s rules. The Economic Union remained a neutral force by trading with all powers that were while the Xilien Hegamony remained the cold, distant nation to many while on the other hand the Supreme Collective of the Kilaaks sought to control the GCC in some way or another. When the Kilaaks encountered a disease that rendered many of their species sterile, the Kilaaks needed to find subjects that they could experiment on that were not already part of their empire and primitive enough for many of the Council not to care. Data collected form the rogue Xiliens that attacked the Sol system provided information on human biology especially their cells. The Kilaaks planned on creating a hybrid race and in 2228 the incursion into the Sol system begins and within ten months are forced back. The tenacity of the humans and the loss of the Truth Seer Flagship cause the Kilaaks to reconsider the conflict, but it’s the loss at Desdemona (a moon of Uranus) that causes the Kilaak retreat. The GCC did pass a list of sanctions against the Supreme Collective and Truth Seers that would last three decades over this conflict. However, the Kilaaks were able to create a cure for the nanotech virus of unknown origin.

By 2262, Humanity meets the Daggra and the Daggra establish a working relationship with the United Earth Federation. By 2263, the UEF joins the GCC much to the chagrin of the Kushan ambassador who the new UEF ambassador calls “a dirty simian”. The name becomes twisted and the word “Simeon” is used for the Kushan by many outside races, to ignore the self righteous meaning to their name. Humanity causes a new zeitgeist within the GCC. The Federal Stellar Union and Gadaru Cosmic Confederacy become close allies of the UEF and make way for their colonization of space so their power can expand so they can also become a counterbalance to the Simeons and Kilaaks. Rapid colonization occurs and this also is one of the reasons the Simeons/Kushan attack Gadaru space. Protests are heard, but the GCC does nothing because of the Kilaak and Xiliens resolve to have it settled between the two factions and EU’s refusal to pick a side. UEF forces do come to Gadarau Cosmic Confederacy aid and this further spoils relations with the Simeons.  Further alliances between the UEF, Federal Stellar Union, Gadarau Cosmic Confederacy, and the Horde of Akeleon cause a new, powerful bloc to form within the council that the Supreme Collective of the Kilaaks have great disdain for.

By 2296, this new alliance causes a shift in politics when the new High Consul is elected and is a Daggra (Karav Minaru) that tries to cut down on corruption and declares that the GCC will crack down on rogue parties with police action. He stays in office twelve years and becomes extremely important to the political process for years to come. In 2307, the proposes anti-pirate bill that would crack down on the growing Dark Nova and various other space pirate and criminal organizations. THE UEF and FSU supported the bill, while the Gadaru and Economic Union were divided equally and were forced to abstain. The Horde of Akeleon voted against the bill because the bill basically would not be forceful enough to control/pursue pirates that veer off into areas that are not under immediate threat from the pirates. The Supreme Collective and the Xilien Hegamony vote against the Bill declaring it a “human issue” despite the Dark Nova’s Simeon, Daggra, and Xilien members, the Economic Union’s “privateer” vessels that strike targets of opposing economic factions, and rogue Karin vessels in Horde of Akeleon space. The Kushan Imperium votes against the bill just to antagonize the UEF. Meanwhile at this time, expansion and establishment of GCC colonies by various factions within the GCC cause the borders of the GCC to expand.

In 2311, a far-flung race called the Betans were granted membership to the GCC. The Grand Assembly turned them down three years earlier, but now with more of a threat from their neighbors-the Magooruns (Megans)-they were allowed to join and were granted technology to grow and advance. In 2315, the Megans were allowed membership as to show non-favoritism.

In 2318, Karav Minaru returned as a lobbyist and proposed a new anti-piracy bill. Piracy runs rampant and the bill would ask each government to give a small group to create a special police force that would be under the GCC jurisdiction, but given a large amount of autonomy. It provides that each government give a base to the new force or give a small city-sized chunk of territory for a new base. With piracy rampant and the Dark Nova growing the UEF, FSU, Xilien Hegamony, Horde of Akelon, and Gadrau Cosmic Confederacy voted for the measure. The Kushan Imperium declared that it was unlawful for their forces to be conscripted in such a way and voted against the measure. The Supreme Collective abstained in protest of the whole concept of the measure. The Betan Freehold voted against the measure claiming they needed to commit all forces against Megan incursions. The Megan State basically stated the same as the Betans. By 2318, a new force of ten ships and seven thousand various different species were formed and were called the Autonomous Antipiracy Security Forces (AASF), the UEF and various other human governments just refer to them as the Space Hounds. By 2234 an official war between the Dark Nova and the UEF occurs while the AASF focuses more on rogue Karin and Simeon pirates that disrupt trade in the “northern” parts of the GCC. Simeon forces also join the fray, but because they use the claim that the UEF is infringing on their territory and sovereignty by hunting the Dark Nova in close proximity to their territories they are not called out by the GCC.

In 2325, the GCC tries to bring the Bizzle’s United Community into their alliance. The Bizzle respectfully refuse due to the Garoga being between the two powers, even though there is some maneuvering room. Also, the Bizzle see not much of benefit for them from the alliance. However, attitudes are slowly changing. If it does change, the Sunask of the Hammerheads definitely would be next to join in the GCC.

In recent years, the Dark Nova have retreated to an extent and the Kushan Imperium’s conflict against the UEF has been reduced to a few minor raids here and there and mostly a Cold War. The Natarrl conflict at Sadalsuud and the Garoga’s growing audacity has brought the GCC factions closer together. At the moment the GCC has even created a force of 300 operatives to prevent conflict between the members of the GCC, to disarm pirate groups, gain more information on the Natarrl, and if possible aid in destroying threats to the GCC from within. This shows that some unity is there at least.

Location information:

The GCC is located on the planet Skorpei in the Delta Doradus system. The planet is home to the Grand Assembly and the other people that support the ambassadors to it. The planet is a planet that has little life natural to it besides a few land-dwelling plants, insectoid creatures, and various small invertebrates. However there are large annelid creatures that help fertilize the soil and also have been known to eat small animals. Most life on Skorpei has been introduced to the natural ecosystem and has taken to it. Skorpei has one major city, where all GCC activities are held at. Then there are suburbs of the city where various ambassadorial employees and lobbyists live at.
The planet also is equipped with an automated defense system that is located in strategic parts of the planet.

The moon of Skorpei is called Tiros. This moon is the area where are all travelers are screened to move on to Skorpei. It is an autonomous area that all the GCC races occupy in several cities. Trade and other deals are quite often made here. The GCC also uses this place as a safety buffer for GCC forces to deploy from if there is ever a threat to Skorpei. Tiros is a rocky world that is riddled with ravines that are filled with marshes and house various invertebrate life-one example is a large, clam-like creature with tendrils and legs that grows to be 25 meters tall.

Current Ambassadors:
* Jonas Nabuto- United Earth Federation
* KEK-75567-00- Xilien Hegamony
* Kitan-Supreme Collective
* Linera Tuku- Federal Stellar Union
* Kakaak Eki’kade-Economic Union
* Meaulen- Kushan Imperium
* Jengur Gugur- Gadaru Cosmic Confederacy
* Aetel Jaunun- The Horde of Akelon
* Vrae Binaraes- Betan Freehold
* Moran Ryga- The Megan State
The bare bones of the GCC a fact sheet will up in the future. Gadaru, Kilaaks, Xiliens, Karin, Nebulans, Daggra, Simeons are registered with Toho Co ltd.

Megans and Betans are property of Marvel.
hypergojira Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2008
Very interesting, I really enjoy and appreciate all the hard work you are putting into this. I do have one question. Given the use of the Toho aliens I am curious how the Toho giant monsters will fit in. Any ideas?
imposterzilla Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2008
In a few upcoming entries you WILL FIND out.
hypergojira Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2008
Great, I can't wait
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