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Project Argus

Project Argus grew out of the United Earth Federation, Federal Stellar Union, and the Horde of Akelon’s desire to develop weapons that could defeat the Gol Wave system or at least get projectile weapons to go further than the Gol Wave normally would allow. The project began in 2326 and was named after the Greek mythical giant with hundreds of eyes. Perhaps with the new technology, the weaponry could be more accurate and less worry about getting too close to the target would be prevalent.

The UEF, the Horde, and the FSU sent their best scientists and engineers to figure out how to nullify or disrupt the wave system. The Gol Wave system was started by using a low yield energy wave that stimulates the Aether or fabric of space. It causes a microscopic soup of excited particles and other quantum anomalies that do not phase living things and moderately phase guided projectiles.  So, what the Project was to research a possible disruption of the wave before it could stimulate the space in an area. What was able to be created, after about a year of research, was a type of
generator that produces an anti-Gol Wave that basically has no affect on matter or the fabric of space, merely it could cause turbulent radio anomalies and cancels out the Gol Wave and sets back 85% of the wave’s effects. The generator was about 4x5 ft and weighed over eight hundred and twenty lbs. So continued research was needed to scale down the size and reduce the anomalies produced by the generator.

By 2328, the generator had been brought down to about 4x4 size that would weigh about four hundred and twelve lbs. A new Daggra-style powered armor and two Jet Jaguar class mechas had been produced, not to mention a new fighter jet and specialized upper atmosphere/space fighter ship had been produced as an outcome of project Argus. In August of 2328, the Gadaru joined the project and by December of 2328 a breakthrough was made. The size of the energy generator had been greatly reduced to a 2x2 ft. size and a weight of one hundred and seventy-five lbs. Not only that the radio wave anomaly had been solved in the most part. Modifications were made to the older generators and a new generation of generators and vehicles were to be made. By September of 2329, another Jet Jaguar class mecha, a quick-response powered armor, a new quick-strike skimmer, and a heavy bomber were produced.

The project concluded after this and each party involved received a share of the developed weaponry and plans to build more of these vehicles.  These vehicles are now mass produced and are the cutting edge of weapons technology.


JS-88 Jet Jaguar Combat Suit-D Type
This is a thirteen meter tall mecha that looks much like the JS-80 H Type, but with more of an angular head and much more streamlined design. It also has a built in anti-gravitational system that allows it to fly somewhat (it is also equipped with specialized thrusters on its back and in its feet). Its head has a visor instead of individual eyes and another difference is that the JS-88 has compartment to carry up to six extra clips of ammunition for either its heavy machine gun or energy clips for its particle rifle. Its sensory array expands the M.R.A. of a weapon about  80%. Its machine gun fires rounds that have a mini guidance system on them, thus also increasing the M.R.A. by another 8%.

JS-93 Blitzkrieg Tiger Combat Suit
This is a fifteen meter tall variation of the Jet Jaguar mecha that is painted primarily with steel blue with red trim. It also has denser armor that makes the Tiger look more imposing than all of the other JS types. Unlike the other JS models that have jump jets and are able to fly or lift off for short intervals, the Tiger only has  thruster system that accelerates it onto the ground that gives it a top speed of 150 mph. The Js-93 is also famous for what weapons it usually carries a 2x48 mm energy machine gun or a 2x45mm fusion blaster (Fusion blaster has a M.R.A. of  one thousand, three hundred and eighty ft. Energy machine gun has a M.R.A. of one thousand, five hundred ft.). Its armor is built to withstand armor piercing shells and missiles, however its main body is susceptible to energy weaponry, thus why the Tiger carries a specialized metal allow shield that can absorb 53% of all energy projected at the mecha. Also, hidden in the shoulder compartment, are two powerful, armor-piercing shells that are guided by an AI system. They have a M.A.R. of two thousand, one hundred and five ft. With the sensory array of the Tiger it expands the M.R.A. by 65%.

DDX- 103 Fire Ant Type Powered Armor
From Project Argus, the Daggra, whose bodies were small and many vehicles and weapons had a hard time being used by them due to their stature, built from this a powered armored suit that would be specifically to them. The Karin and Humans agreed and let them have their own unique weapon. The Fire Ant is a seven ft. tall, red and silver powered armor that is equipped on both arms with a fire powered heat ray that uses energy generated from a fuel cell to fire. This powered armor is like a light artillery by blasting enemies with both cannons that both sport a M.R.A. of  four hundred and seventeen ft. The Fire Ant is quite adept at poking around debris and removing remaining threats or handling a vehicular strike. It has a powerful sensory sense that senses Broadband Audio and has a powerful thermal tracer.

GX-Mero Falcon
Using advanced technology form both the Horde and the UEF, a new fighter was created and with that they combined their languages and dubbed the new fighter, “The enlightened falcon”.  It was designed as a atmospheric fighter, even though there are modded ones out that can travel in space, and appears to be a futuristic version of the F-35 fighter from the 21st. century. It is very streamlined and moves at a max. speed of MACH 6. It carries two machine guns under its thirty-four ft. fuselage that both have a M.R.A. of one thousand, one-hundred ft. It carries two guided missiles pods that have each carry eight missiles that have a M.A. R. of two thousand, seven hundred and seventy-four ft.

GXE-023 Valkerion Space Fighter
Altered from the Mero Flacon, the Valkerion is a more angular fighter that has a triangle shape and is designed fro space combat or upper atmospheric combat. It is about roughly the same size as the Mero Falcon and has three pairs of thrusters that allow them to turn or move up or down, to aid in the extreme mobility of this ship. This ship also is equipped with two miniature plasma guns that have a M.A.R. of two thousand, three hundred and eighty-five ft. They fire every two seconds for cool down. The Valkerion also has two missile pods with six computer-guided missiles that have a M.A.R. of three thousand, and eight hundred ft. It is equipped with a powerful sensory disrupting array that can be activated by emitting waves from it that warp communications within a three thousand ft. radius.

JS-95 Haze Leopard Combat Suit
The Haze leopard is the latest JS model that encompasses a more stealthy  range of tactics in mind. The Haze Leopard is mostly a soot gray color with black trim and is about twelve meters tall. It has a powerful cloaking system that makes it almost completely invisible to the naked eye, except when moving it can be seen somewhat. It carries either a 2x200mm high-powered particle cannon that it fires while cloaked. This weapon has a M.A.R. of three thousand, one hundred and fifty-eight ft. It carries a large shield to protect itself from projectiles, because of its light frame. It also has a very powerful thruster system that allows it to move at 130 mph. If engaged in close combat it does employ a 2.3 meter long vibro blade that extends from its wrist.

The JE-05 Hazard Powered Armor
This model was made mostly by UEF and Horde scientists. It is a red, cone-bodied powered armor with powerful arms and legs that has a powerful accelerating engine on its rear. It stands about eleven ft. tall and has a max speed of 90 mph. It carries a plasma spray gun that has a M.A.R. of two hundred and fourteen ft. In case of close combat it has specialized claws on its hands that can slice through industrial strength metal. In its shoulder mounts it carries one(x 2) rocket that if fired has a armor piercing munition on it that has a M.A.R. of two thousand, three hundred ft. This armor is mostly equipped for arid or extremely warm areas of combat.

LS-97 Bluegill Rapid Response Skimmer
This skimmer is about fifteen ft. long and can travel at 170 mph and has an acceleration of 0 to 70 mph within six seconds. Based, off the Mako skimmer of the UEF, the same design has been tweaked for more speed and to utilize a powerful miniature rail cannon that has a M.A.R. of three thousand, seven hundred and forty ft. The rail gun fires every eight seconds to strike a target with extreme strength. The Bluegill also has four rotating turrets that work as Gatling guns for defense and assault on very close targets. These guns have a M. A. R. of two hundred and forty ft. It is most well used against light armored vehicles and infantry.

GY-18 Eisenhower Bomber
Taking its namesake for the famous American president and the primary engineer that worked on its development, the Eisenhower is now the most promising heavy bomber that all four parties involved with Project Argus have developed. Each party has ordered at least one hundred of the new vehicles. The Eisenhower is a fifty-five ft. long bomber that looks similar to the Blackbird of the late 20th century. It has space and atmospheric fighting abilities which makes it even more valuable to its developers. It has the most advanced AI and anti-Gol Wave tech on it, thus making it a formidable foe for any enemy. It has two missile pods that carry four missiles each. They all have a M. A. R. of 2.4 miles (twelve thousand and nine hundred ft.) and have a guidance system that gives them a higher range of at least 10%. The bombs the Eisenhower carry are computer guided, powerful, anti-structural bombs that have a M.A. R. eighteen thousand ft. (3.4 miles).

Note: News of the Project has leaked, so others may try to reverse engineer the tech or find ways to improve the Gol Wave system to negate these effects.
The end of super close combat?

Gadaru, Daggra, and Karin are all property of Toho Co. Ltd.
hypergojira Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2009
nice work, another interesting addition to your story
BearKaiju Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Holy Toledo Batman!!!

A suberb blend of history and addition of more combat vehicles/suits! :D
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