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The Juggernauts

The late 23rd century for the United earth Federation was that of expansion and development, but for others it led to destitution and loss of honor. From 2283 till about 2306, the UEF went through economic crisis brought on by excessive social programs and government developing asteroids and moons within the Sol system that were already areas that people felt had been either 1. overmined 2. were dangerous to live or 3. crime ridden. Excessive overspending and creation of new factories and industrial sectors in these areas that did not even meet government standards for efficiency brought the UEF economy to new levels of economic distress. With a series of UEF presidents that claimed they abhorred what the UEF did with allying themselves with the Gadaru to battle the Simeons (the new anti-war and anti-involvement movement was in full swing)
And decided to punish their very own by cutting the military budget by 30% and by cutting benefits to them to discourage people from staying in the UEF military and discouraging new recruits.

In 2286, a group of military officers and a few of the Space Force ships revolted and left Roosevelt Space Base near Charon in the outer system. The majority of colonies on the outer fringe of the Sol system were owned by either companies or private industries and organizations, besides the few military bases and government-owned industrial colonies; so the contempt for what the UEF Supreme Senate and president were doing was at a fever pitch. These colonies allowed this fleet of three destroyers and one battleship safe haven. The colonies upon UEF questioning would claim they made a hyperspacial jump or claimed they headed toward the inner solar system. This pirate group would become known as the Descal fleet. The Descal fleet would be a major problem up until 2314.

During this twenty year time frame, pirate groups and crime syndicates grew like mad in the outer solar system. Violence and corruption were exceedingly high. When the Dark Nova formed from the insurrection of Captain. Alexander Fuji and Captain Johan Jergens, the UEF government basically had a revolution in thinking. In 2300, the more socialist and pacifist factions were voted out, brining in firmer and more efficient political factions that began to reverse the process of what caused the pirates and crime syndicates to form.  Military spending and benefits were increased to a slightly higher rate than before the cut. The military destroyed majority of the majority pirate groups by 2304, however lone wolf pirate ships, the Descal Fleet, and the ever-expanding Dark Nova were the exceptions. In 2307, the Daggra High Consul from the GCC proposed an anti-piracy bill that is ultimately defeated due to lack of concern by some races.

In 2309, the Dark Nova attacked, raided, and then destroyed the space cruise liner, The Hera, and the son of Jubal el Raza, the liner’s owner and owner of  Saturnian Industries, the manufacturer of the UEF’s  HXD-309 Falconer fighter and the Gotengo MK-IV ships, is ouraged and complains to the UEF who are battling the various pirates, however the Gemma system colonization plan is underway and dealing with Simeon forces in the area as development continues, so the UEF puts the pirate menace mostly acts in a reactive fashion. El Raza meets with the Federal Stellar Union’s chief arm’s company (Nauvum Kau)  execs who have felt the sting of both the Dark Nova and Daggra pirate groups within the FSU’s territories and makes a pact. Nauvum Kau provided fighters and two fighter carrier/troop carrier vessels and six landing craft for troop deployment to el Raza for a reasonably cheap price and el Raza promises to create a private anti-piracy force codenamed: The Juggernauts.  El Raza provides four light battleships that have stealth capabilities and recruits from various mercenary groups recruits. However on the NET-GRID Cyberstructure (the super internet of the time) ads are placed and new recruits join in and get a mandatory training. So by 2311, the Juggernauts are completely formed.

The Juggernauts’ first target is the Dark Nova and were able to destroy one ship and critically damaging another by using a fake trade ship that was loaded with Juggernaut troops fake an accident and distress signal out in the Altair system (The inner solar system belongs to the nation of New Rome, but outer fringes still belong to the UEF) fringe. The Dark Nova step in and are heavily assaulted by two Juggernaut craft in stealth mode and the Dark Nova aboard the ship are captured (most are killed) and dropped off in a disabled escape craft above the Charon colony in the outer Sol system. For the next several years, daring battles between them and the Descal and Dark Nova would be the subject of debate. They were doing a good thing, but how could a private military force work out in the open like that in the GCC no matter the UEF. The UEF and FSU officially did not condone their behavior and even the Gadaru Cosmic Confederacy officially banned them from its space, however all three governments allowed them to pass through their territories and allowed them fuel and supplies.

The Juggernauts did gain notoriety for one major thing that the UEF was never able to do. They defeated and destroyed the Descal Fleet in 2314. The UEF had destroyed about half of the Descal fleet including their war ships and camouflaged ships (old trade ships) and the Juggernauts destroyed almost all of the other half and had stopped and prevented several Descal raids in the past. What they did was along the Kuiper Belt (the only colonies are two industrial, one military, and one Las Vegas-style civilian colony) the el Raza family (Jubal, his daughter Jamie, and his surviving son Harold-the leader of the Juggernauts) were aboard their own private spaceship (Which still in this time period is very rare) that was an extravagant space liner that was escorted by a military vessel. The vessels ran “ran out of fuel” and had to return to base leaving the el Raza cruiser by itself. The Descal flagship and a fighter carrier (The remaining Descal fleet ships) arrived two hours in and attacked, but the el Raza cruiser was defended by three Juggernaut light battleships that were in stealth mode. The fighter carrier was disabled, but the captain self destructed it to avoid being prosecuted, however the Descal flagship was heavily damaged and Antoinne Descal and his crew were captured and tried for thirty-five acts of piracy and five acts of treason.

Ever since then the Juggernauts have battled the Dark Nova and various other pirate organizations, crime syndicates, mercenary groups, and terrorists. Recent targets of the Juggernauts have been political sympathizers for the Garban government and military and economic interests until they renounce the terrorist attacks by their prince.

As a note for play:
The assets Juggernaut characters get are Corporate Connections (2) and the drawback Duty (3).
Garbans, Gadaru, Simeons, Daggra, and the Descal Flet are copyright of Toho Ltd.
hypergojira Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2009
I didn't realize that thier would be another group fighting dark nove - interesting
Yaruzh Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
@.@ so much history to remember! But hey, it's really well thought out! I particularly like Dark Nova, not sure why. Maybe just because of the name >.>
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